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Shenzhen Discovery Technology Co., Ltd is a branch of Shenzhen Anytek Information Technology Co., Ltd, owning brand SOOCOO.
Discovery Technology Co.,Ltd is an outstanding manufacturer in action cameras, life cameras and panorama cameras.  
SOOCOO cameras are mainly exported to North America and European, Southeastern Asia, more than 100 countries, including offline and online stores. SOOCOO's dedicated and loyal fans post hundreds of thousands of videos and reviews online, like Youtube, facebook and instagram, etc.

Shenzhen Discovery Technology Co., LTD was found by an expert team of senior intelligent audio and video technology and young people with innovative entertainment spirits, in vision that creating an intelligent digital audio and video entertainment platform for young people. With professional background of industry, cutting-edge technology, constant pursuit of the spirit of innovation, excellent operation and management system, our company has rapidly become an innovator and leader of intelligent entertainment industry.

The young generation are keen to record and share their life, work, entertainment and other scenes with personal understanding of life, enthusiasm of cause, manner of social events. They need to discover, to experience, to feel and to share all these bits and pieces. We are in the era of video technology, data transmission technology and large data sharing. Intelligent audio and video entertainment devices, more and more popular, have very broad market demands.

At present, our brand SOOCOO has obtained wide attention and application in HK, TW, KR, JP, TH, DE, US and other counties and regions. At the same time, SOOCOO attracts great attention from CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, People’s Daily, etc. As soon as our products are available, Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Wish, Newegg, Lazada, DHgate all show their highly attention. SOOCOO was awarded TOP 10 BRAND STAR by DHgate in year 2015. Meanwhile, SOOCOO created single-day sales record on Aliexpress during brand promotion activities. Our entrepreneurial experience is highly concerned and reported by People’s Daily.
2016, we uphold the philosophy of Doing Things Worthwhile, Being People with Attitude, the value of Innovation, Win-win, and Happiness Sharing, the mission of Building Mutual Beneficial Platform of Intelligent Digital Audio and Video Entertainment, and vision of Committing to Provide Young Generation with Digital Audio and Video Entertainment Platform. We’ve been on the way and kept breaking through.


Why Change Brand LOGO Into This?

 The SOOCOO Brand Old LOGO:



The SOOCOO Brand New Logo:


1.Logo is soocoo's English "SOOCOO",It has been carefully designed so that now the entire logo is simple, stylish, international, dynamic, easy to identify and easy to remember.

2. One of the signs of "O" is perfect combination to the icon logger button , making the entire logo has a meaning, content and spirit of our brand culture, but also associated with our brand products that meet nature of our industry.

3.The the triangle inside the "Play"button has profound meaning, it represents that our brand leads the direction, the industry's leading, steady and rapid development.

4.Large gray and a small part orange,bring out the "Play" button directly, so that we had the visual center of gravity, strong color contrast and the brand logo attracted our eye easily, easy to brand promotion and consumer groups with our associate and sympathy!

Why Your Domain is “”, Not

CC is the the acronym of English words"Commercial Company". ".cc" is the new global international top-level domain.
As well as soocoo is a new brand. wish our band of "SOOCOO" grow together with .CC domain ,to become an international top products.

 Contact us

 Contact: Ms. Lynn
Mobile: 0086-13923454955(Mis. Lynn)
Center Address: Buiding B, Debaoli Industrial Park, No.312, Jihua Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518116, China