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  • SOOCOO Action Cam C30 Latest Firmware

    SPORTS camera C30 (2)

    SOOCOO sports camera C30  latest firmware ,here is the link:



    Before updating, please pay attention to the instruction.
    This firmware focus on improving Gyroscope function, after updating, it will be more stable and more amazing.
    If there are some problem, please contact:

  • 4K Sports Camera of SOOCOO C30 Compared with Elephone Explore Pro


    In this article, we will compare SOOCOO C30 with Elephone Explore Pro, so all of you guys can check which one is better directly, and will know which one do you want.

    First:  Specification comparison



    Second:  price and color comparison

    SOOCOO C30 price: $98.84


    Elephone Explore Pro:$116.99


    Third: Favorable comment



    Fourth:  video comparison

    SOOCOO video:


    Elephone Explore Pro:

    From this article , all of you guys can know which one is what they want, SOOCOO is always trying to perfect their action camera, they will be more and more better than before.

    Choose SOOCOO ,choose PERFECT!

  • SOOCOO Sport Cam C30/ S70/ Cube 360 Videos Collection | Recorded by customer

    If you like diving, C30 can do it!

    If you like skiing,C30 can do it!

    If you like parachute jumping,C30 can do it!

    If you like surfing,please do not  hesitate, just buy C30!


    SOOCOO C30 is the latest sport cam, but today, we will not make advertisement of C30, we will share the videos of C30/S70/Cube360 videos with you, all of you guys can experience our camera directly, just see it!

    C30 video: 

    beautiful sea, beautiful girl :


    Chinese Kung Fu Weapon Nunchunck:


    Time lapse test on the sea:



    S70 videos: 

    S70+ stabilizer PS1

    S70 test by customer of Moto season 2016 grand opening:

    S70 test on motorcycle by customer:

    Soocoo S70, review en español:

    Diving test by Customer:

    S70 compare with xiaomi yi and GITUP Git 1:

    Cube 360 :

    Cube 360 test by customer:


  • SOOCOO Action Cam C30/Cube360/G1 solution of Wifi problem


    SooCoo sport cam become more and more popular, there are so many people would like to choose SooCoo, not only because SooCoo have a best price but also its quality is trustable.

    Now, there are some people have reflected some problem of WIFI, so we will list the problem and solution:

    1. APP NAME:

    C30 :  ZSANYCAM


    Cube 360:   GVT-360i


    G1:  I Share cam

    i share cam

    2. WIFI Name and password:

    C30: AVT SPORT DV    02345678

    Cube 360:  GVT-360i     no password

    G1:  I Share Cam      12345678

    3. WIFI  problem:

    1) open the APP, the APP interface always whirling.


    1, check whether the wifi have been connected; whether turn on the camera wifi and connect the camera wifi to cell phone;

    2, download the APP again, and then connect wifi and open APP again;

    3,format the memory card and make sure whether your memory card is C10  card;

    4,change another cell phone, download APP again, and check whether the APP  can be turned on; if it is, it is the compatible problem, we are solving the latest firmware;

    2) you cant find the wifi on the cell phone:

    1,please check whether you have turned on the camera wifi, please press  the wifi button for a long time;

    2, please check whether your camera  have been full charged;

    Note: turn on the cube 360 and G1 wifi, you need to press the wifi button for a long time until the wifi light is lighting up;

    2,please check whether you have opened the wifi on your cell phone,

    3, please change the camera wifi name , and then search the wifi on your cell phone again, or restart the phone and camera;

    4.Android version download on Google play.

    Apple version download on Apple store.

    5. CUBE 360 cane be turned on;

    1, please get the camera full charged, and then check whether it can be turned on;

    2,when you turn on the camera, please press the power button for a long time until it can be turned on, not click the power button slightly;

    6. latest firmware:

    Cube 360:



    If you have any other problem, welcome to contact us, our email is:  and we will be very happy to help you to solve all the problem! SooCoo camera stands the test!

  • 4K 24FPS Sport Cam SOOCOO C30 Diving 30M Built-in WIFI | Compared with SJ8000


    SOOCOO C30 was expected by so many people, because it is 4K action camera and it also have diving mode, voice reminding, and Gyro Stabilizer, it is the most attractive function. C30 also can choose different angles, because there are many customer told us they wish they can choose the angles, so we reseach and develop this function, it is useful. Are you still waiting?

    Four different angles:


    Today, we will compare C30 with SJ8000, SJCAM camera is very popular, SOOCOO action camera is also very attractive and have a good price.So , comparing  this two camera can give people a best choice and contrast reference.

    The following is a table, so you can have a clear contradistinction.



    From the table, you can the advantage of C30, and it have some function which SJ8000  do not have it, for example: diving mode, voice reminder etc.

    Voice reminder is the first function all over the world, it have four reminder:

    Start recording, stop recording , low power , card out ; it can remind people what they do or the camera's state.

    Diving mode:


    Then , it is the confrontation of video, through the video , you can experience the resolution directly.

    SOOCOO C30 Action Camera Advantages:
    1.Video Resolution: 4K@24fps(2880*2160)24fps, 2K(2560*1440)@30fps,1080P(1920*1080)@60fps, 1280*720@120fps,640X480@240fps.
    2.Image Resolution: 20M/18M/16M/12M/8M/5M/2M Image pixel
    3.Angle degrees can be selected(170/140/110/70 Adjustable).
    4.Built-in gyroscopes,electronic image stabilization technology.
    5.Dive Mode -- Built-in Red light compensation.
    6.Image flip function.
    7.Screen saver function.
    8.Video capture feature,video,can capture precious moments.
    9.15m Wifi operation function just do every moment of indulgence.

    SOOCOO C30 video:

    SJ8000 video:


    SOOCOO C30 time-lapse function:


    Standard SOOCOO C30 package including :  it will have the normal accessories, it can be used on normal shooting.


    Which one is better, you want to choose which one is decided by yourself, SOOCOO will be more and more better, SOOCOO is always trying to perfect its camera, that is : My style is SOOCOO!

  • SOOCOO 4K Action Cam C30 Operation Menu Introduction



    SOOCOO Action Camera C30 is most attractive cam, not only it has 4K resolution, but also it have four angles to be choose--170/140/110/70-degree; not because it has diving mode, but also it have Voice reminder function.

    There are many people have bought it, and today, we will explain the menu and function, and explain how to use the camera's function.

    1.  camera interface



    with waterproof case


    waterproof case


    HD 2.0 inch Screen



    USB memory slot  with memory card




    USB Slot


    WIFI button and up/ down button

    wifi button


    battery slot

    battery slot


    Resolution: (11 kinds of resolution can choose)

    resolution 1resolution 2resolution 3


    loop-recording function:(when you set it to 3 Min,and it will restart recording after 3 Min )

    loop -recording

    Optional Angles: (170/140/110/70-degree angles, in different scene using different angle)



    Anti-shaking :(SOOCOO C30 have Gyro Stabilizer,when you turn on this function, it will anti-shake automatic when you are moving)



    Auto power off :(when you set 5 Minutes, your camera will be power off after 5 minutes, this function can help you to turn off the camera when you forgot to turn it off!)

    auto power off

    Beep sound: (when you turn on this function, there will have the sound when you click the button)




    beep sound

    Capture mode:  set the time to take picture,so you can have some times to prepare!

    capture mode


    CAR ACC: turn on this function, the camera can be used as Tachograph.


    Color: change different tone when taking pictures



    Date stamp: ( turn on or close the date on the  picture )


    date stamp

    Date/ time  : set the date and time




    Diving Mode: turn on diving mode, the camera can support red light compensation function, without extra red filter.

    diving mode


    Exposure: you can set it  according the real light, if the real light is too strong, you can set the camera to lower the light.

    exposure 1exposure 2

    Motion Detection: turn on it, the camera can detect motion, and can keep it stable

    motion detection

    Night Scene: open it, you can take beautiful pictures or videos on the night.

    night scene


    Quality : Fine , Normal, Economy, default is Normal



    Record Audio: turn on the sound

    record audio


    Screen save: you can set the time to let the camera relax, it can save the battery capacity.

    screeon save


    Sharpness: Strong normal  soft, default is : Normal



    Time-lapse record: set it, than playback the video, it will more faster than normal, You can use this feature to capture the progress of the construction project, weather changes, the flower blossom and so on.

    time-lapses recordtime-lapses record 2


    TV mode:  connect the camera to TV

    TV mode


    TV : choose ON /OFF



    Version: SOOCOO C30 version is: S20160314V2.0



    White balance: Auto/ daylight/cloudy/tungsten/fluroscent




    white balancewhite balance 2

    Frequency:  50HZ  60HZ



    WIFI Password : the default password is: 12345678


    wifi pwd wifi ssid


    WIFI : turn on the wifi ,and then it can be connected to cell phone


    Format the memory card before recording  to protect the camera and card




    Image size: 20M /18M /12M/10M/8M/5M/3M can be setted

    image sizeimage size 2


    language: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplied Chinese/

    Japanese/Traditional Chinese


    language 2 language 3 language


    Now, it is a brief introduction of all the function, on these pictures, we can see what function does C30 have.

    .menu 3menu 2  menu 1menu 4menu 5menu 6menu 8 menu 7 menu 9 menu 10

    That is all about the C30 operating instruction, it is clearly, if there still have some question, please contact

  • SOOCOO 4K Action Cam C30 HD 2.0 Screen Built-in WIFI | Compared with SJ7000

          SOOCOO C30 is the newest action cam, it is HD 4k 2.0 inch screen. Packed with NTK96660 professor , SOOCOO have taken performance to a whole new level with their best image quality, C30 let you can enjoy 4k shooting experience!

     Adjustable viewing angle:70/110/140/170 -degree

    Diving mode:

    Wireless control by WIFI:


        Above all is the introduction of SOOCOO C30, and then we will make a compare with SJ7000 , there are the difference of specification:


    SOOCOO C30  Advantages:

    1.Video Resolution: 4K@24fps(2880*2160)24fps, 2K(2560*1440)@30fps,1080P(1920*1080)@60fps, 1280*720@120fps,640X480@240fps.
    2.Image Resolution: 20M/18M/16M/12M/8M/5M/2M Image pixel
    3.Angle degrees can be selected(170/140/110/70 Adjustable).
    4.Built-in gyroscopes,electronic image stabilization technology.
    5.Dive Mode -- Built-in Red light compensation.
    6.Time-lapse video
    7.USB interface supports TV output.
    8.Image flip function.
    9.Screen saver function.
    10.Video capture feature,video,can capture precious moments.
    11.2.0 inch ultra high definition display,instant watching the blooms are wonderful.
    12.15m Wifi operation function just do every moment of indulgence.
    Video recorded by SOOCOO C30:(when view the video,please choose 1080P )
    Video recorded by SJ7000

    In this article, we have displayed the information of C30 and SJ7000, which one do you want? which one is more better was decided by yourself.From the article, SOOCOO C30 have many advantages ,whether you want to have a try?

    welcome to WWW.SOOCOO.CC to buy it, and you will enjoy it!

  • SOOCOO C30 Action Camera is Coming Soon

    SOOCOO has been committed to provide affordable sports camera for users. C30 camera is SOOCOO another disruptive products. Retained the C10 Exquisite appearance, Performance is the best is SOOCOO C series camera.

    SOOCOO C30 Sport Camera

    The SOOCOO C30 is SOOCOO’s most feature robust Action Camera to date. Upgrading to 12.4mp Sony IMX078 Sensor, Adding Adjustable Viewing angles (90-170 Degrees), and 4K Video record at 24 frames per second (4K24 Interpolated) are all new features packed into the SOOCOO C30 Editon – Be the First.

    SOOCOO-C30-Action Camera

    SOOCOO C30 Adopts the Sony IMX078 sensor for Fast image processing Speed.

    The SOOCOO C30 ups the ante for the Action Camera marking by adopting the very stable and fast processing speed Sony IMX078cqk image processor.


    The IMX078 has back-illuminated 12.40M-effective pixel CMOS image sensor to achieve higher resolution from the 12.40M effective pixels.
    SOOCOO C30 Adjustable Viewing Angle: 170° 120°& 90°

    SOOCOO C30: 4K@24fps 2K@30fps with Gyro Stabilization

    The SOOCOO C30 Edition supports 4K 2880*2160 (interpolated) Hi-res video recording to capture your most memorable moments. Whether you are using the C30 as a FPV Aerial Photography,Capturing priceless family and friend, the C30 video quality will never let you down. Gyro Stabilization sensor chip has been added to the SOOCOO C30 allowing it to edit out bumpy parts.

    SOOCOO App for C30: Control, Capture, Share via WiFi

    SOOCOO App by SOOCOO+ allows you to control your C30 with the touch of your iPhone, Android phone or Tablet PC. Remotely control functions and settting; You can also capture photos, record video, or transfer files. The UI is very easy to use – Start using SOOCOO App today.
    Diving Mode - Red Light Compensation Function

    The SOOCOO C30 Edition supports red light compensation function. Diving without extra filter,can also take wonderful videos and beautiful photos.
    30m Waterproof Case:

    Dive up to 30 meters with SOOCOO C30 Waterproof Case. SOOCOO all come with a free 30m waterproof case. Whether you need waterproof case for biking, hiking or watersports, or if you need something dustproof, the SOOCOO case adds great value to your SOOCOO.

  • SOOCOO New Arrival C10S Action Camera Special Offer for SOOCOO Fans

    Hey every guys ,one excited  news from SOOCOO that  for the coming Christmas,SOOCOO releases one new product  SOOCOO C10S action camera today ,to say thanks for the SOOCOO fans,SOOCOO C10S 1080p action camera will be the global lowest price for the customers to test.This activity is just for the first 100 customers.Only this time,please catch the chance.

    Promotion url:""

    Coupon code:"C10S " , reducing $40 at once.

    valid date:From Dec. 23,2015 to Dec.31,2015.

    Now,follow me to take part in this large promotion activity.


    1.Please go and sign in SOOCOO official website ""One surprise is waiting for you.


    Yes,find the button"PRODUCTS",on the bottom of this button,and then you will see "special offer",Only click this button can you enter the Christmas promotion activity.


    After entering ,you will see the page shows below""


    2.Please continue to click the pic or the title of this product SOOCOO C10S action camera.It will skip to  the main page of SOOCOO C10S ""


    and then,you can choose the colors you love ,yes ,SOOCOO C10S has 7 colors,you can find the color you want,then add to the shopping cart.


    3.Now you will see the discount code sign on the right side of the page,please enter the coupon code"C10S " ,this code will reduce $40 for this camera ,the valid date is from Dec. 23,2015 to Dec.31,2015.Please note that one customer can only buy one camera and use the code no more than one time.

    When you apply for this code ,the price will change to the global lowest price for 1080P action camera,just action now dear.


    4.Lastly ,you can choose the payment ways and also the shipping way.

    Click "Proceed TO CHECKOUT",you can choose the shipping way(Express or Official default standard shipping)



    If you choose the two payments below ,the product will be shipped by default way.



    What is C10S action camera?  please look below:


    Yes as the pic shows,C10S is like SOOCOO C10,but the screen is larger than C10,It is 2.0 inch.What is more,please pay attention below :

    SOOCOO C10S action camera spec

    Model: C10S
    Size: 2.28*1.57*1.81 inch
    Power: 5V, 1A
    Charge Time: about 3 hours
    Recording Time: up to 90 minutes (1080P)
    Support SD Card up to 32GB. Other cards: micro SDHC, class 6 or above
    Protocol: NTK96655
    Image Sensor: AR0330,
    Photo Resolution: 12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2M/1.3M/VGA
    Video Resolution: 1080P@30fps,720P@60fps,720P@30fps,848*480@60fps
    Lense Model: ZM2015-A3
    Visual Angle: 170 degrees wide angle
    Digital Zoom: 4x zoom
    Screen Size: 2.0" HD screen display
    Speaker: supported
    Microphone: Supported
    Battery: 900mmAh lithium battery
    Webcam: Supported
    Waterproof Case: support recording under water up to 30 meters
    Built-in wifi: for remote wireless connection
    APP support one-click upload to share
    Video Compression Format: H.264
    Video Format: MOV
    Interface: micro HDMI/ micro USB
    Supported Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian
    Supported System: Windows XP/7/8SP3/Vista and Mac 10.5 or above
    Wifi Connection: before using wifi, please download the APP from Google play or Apple APP store
    Yes ,you can only find the lowest price here for 1080P action camera,if you guys have SJ4000 wifi camera ,welcome to compare with SOOCOO C10S,you will find this camera more surprise than SJ4000 wifi camera,especially the price.
    For congratulating the coming Christmas day and showing thanks to the SOOCOO fans,SOOCOO offer the chance to  make a test at a loss,Please action and catch the best chance !Christmas is coming,Merry Christmas to everyone!
    All the best!


  • SOOCOO S70 2K Action Camera the Latest Firmware Upgrade

    SOOCOO S70 2K Action Camera the latest firmware upgrade - 2015-12

    This firmware version is the most perfect, in addition to solve the previous customer feedback all software problems, and upgrades the Memory Card Support, MAX support TF Card Up To 64GB.

    Firmware Download

    S70 Camera V6.0 Firmware Updating Method

    (ps: Before updating, please get the S70 camera battery full charged or connect the camera to power.)

    1.  Format the memory card in the camera or on the computer;

    2.  Then copy the “LD96660A.bin” files to the root list in the memory card, and then insert the card into the camera.

    3.  Then, please get the camera connected to computer use USB cable, the camera will update the LD program.(at this time, the camera wont have any react, about need 30-40 seconds)

    4.  Wait almost 40s , disconnect the USB cable, DELETE the “LD9666A.bin” files, and then copy the “FW9666A.bin” program to root list in the memory card, and then insert the card into the camera.

    5.  Then, please get the camera connected to computer use USB cable, the camera will update the FW program.(at this time, the camera wont have any react, about need 30-40 seconds).

    6.  Then, Wait almost 40s, take out the memory card, and format it!

    7.  Then insert the card into the camera, press the power button, the camera work properly.


    Firmware Download

    1. You must run "LD96660A.bin" this program first.

    2. Delete the "LD96660A.bin" this program, and then copy "FW9666A.bin" this program to the memory card, run this program.

    3.These two operations shuld be done in turns but not exhchange the queue,and please make sure the two programs you have done,or the camera will not turn on again.

    In the process of upgrading have any problems, please contact us:


    SOOCOO Official Web:

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