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What is SOOCOO Drop shipping?

Already a drop shipper? Want to start a business? Join SOOCOO drop shipping for free! If you are thinking about boosting your business or potentially starting up a drop shipping company SOOCOO can be your partner. Learn all about our great drop shipping opportunity here.

This simple diagram shows the basics of drop shipping:


 SOOCOO Dropshipping


Drop shipping is a business system whereby

  • You sell products on your website or shop.
  • Once a sale is made you order from us.
  • We send the product to your customer directly.

SOOCOO handles the order and you keep the profit margin between your sale price and SOOCOO's online price.


What Are The Benefits Of Drop Shipping?

1. No joining fee
2. Immediate access to our full product range and product details and pictures. 
3. No minimum sales volume requirement on first level 
4. 20% - 35% drop ship discount 
5. No need for your own warehouse storage, inventory or shipping
6. Free shipping for some countries.
7. Free tracking number on orders over $25
8. Exclusive drop shipping weekly deals newsletter
9. Focus on selling and gain profits 
10. There are no costs until a sale has been made making Cash flow simple.


How Do I Become A Drop shipper With SOOCOO.CC?

1. Find a SOOCOO Product to sell.
Find products you would like to sell from our product catalog. Currently only C30 action camera support the Drop shipping project.

2. Sell the products
List those products on your website or online store. You are free to use descriptions and images from the soocoo website.

3. Collect the payment.
After selling the products, you can collect your money from the buyers.

4. Process the sale with SOOCOO.
Place the orders through SOOCOO after you have been paid. You keep the difference between the price you charge the customer and the SOOCOO purchase price.

5. Products are shipped directly to your customers.
SOOCOO logos and information will not appear in, or on, the products or packing.

6. Sales = Profits
Make a sale and make a profit. You don’t pay for any products until a sale is made.


To Register please do the following

1) Register an account with SOOCOO.CC .

2) Sign in and send me your register email apply, our email is

You will receive the confirmation E-mail when your drop ship account is activated.
You initially receive 20% discount on your orders, as your drop shipping sales increase your discount also increases.

If you are drop-shipping goods from SOOCOO, ensure you are abiding by the tax regulations for selling goods in your home country and the destination country.


What Are The Discount Rates?

Here is our discount table it outlines all the levels of membership

Higher discount up to 35% off  for  special categories (Trial period: 2016-3-10 to 2016-12-31)


Note: Drop ship discounts do not apply to promotional or bulk discounted items.